Gallitzin Tunnels
Gallitzin, PA
If you're ever in the Altoona area, I highly recommend going to the Gallitzin Tunnels.  They're relatively easy to find, and are well worth the effort.  There are plenty of trains every day, and a caboose gift shop right beside, as well as a hobby shop and a model railroad display.  For the photographer, Gallitzin may be better than Horseshoe Curve, because there is a roadway bridge just after the tunnels, providing an excellent place for train watching and photographing.

Here we see both of the Gallitzin Tunnels.

Something's approaching, but what?

Two Conrail helpers exit the tunnel.
Three locomotives pull a very long intermodal train towards the tunnel.

Three(+) locomotives pull another long mixed train out of the tunnel.
Part of an intermodal train going through the tunnel.  The tunnel now in
use was widened and the height clearance increased to accommodate double
stacks such as these.

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