South Station - Boston MA

The following Amtrak photos are all from South Station, from various dates (noted where known).

Amtrak F-40 206, on 8-20-98. 
Historical Note:  206 was the last Amtrak locomotive for engineer Herb Clark to operate prior to retirement, after 55 years on the railroad.  To read a newspaper article about him, click here.

Amtrak F-40 265 and 288(?) trailing, lead a train into the station, on 10-6-99.

Amtrak F-40 260, Winter 2000.

Amtrak F-40s 260 & 300, Winter 2000. 
(note new Acela paint scheme on lead coach)

Amtrak F-40 287 lead the Twilight Shoreliner into Boston on 2-26-2000.

Amtrak F-40s 414 & 207 lead the Mass Bay Railroad Enthusiasts annual Snow Train to Vermont on 2-26-2000.

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