CP FB, Selkirk Yard

Wow!  That's about the best single word I can come up with to desciribe Selkirk.  It is gigantic; It just seems to go on for miles.  And there's so much to look at, and of course so much to get pictures of!  Below are pictures taken near CP FB, at the Western end of the yard.  That's where we started on 12/4/99, so I figured that's where I'd begin too.

CP FB (West end) | Selkirk Yard Pg 1 | Selkirk Yard Pg 2 | East End

That got your attention, right?!  And that was the first thing we saw, UP SD40-2T 4385, a tunnel motor, no less!
(Tunnel motors have the air intake for the engine lower to the ground so as not to take in as much exhaust when operating in tunnels.)

NS C40-9W 9364 was right behind the UP tunnel motor.

ex. Conrail C40-8W 7370 leads a westbound out of the yard.

CSX C40-8W 7700 leads another westbound out of the yard.

CSX AC6000CW 616 and ex. Conrail SD80MAC 0804 lead an eastbound into the yard.

CSX AC6000CW 616

ex. Conrail SD80MAC 0804

ex. Conrail SD50 5437
(now NS, signified by the white numbers on black background, and small PRR and keystone under the numbers)

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