The following is a roster of motive power of the former Cape Cod & Hyannis Railroad.  Special thanks to Dave Santos for compiling, organizing and sharing this information.

No. Model Builder No. Blt. Date Acquired by CC&H Description
1 Alco S3 78391 9/50 1981 Ex. Otter Valley #1 (VT), Continental Forest Products #1175 (WI), Virginia Electric (Bremo Power Station) #1175, B&M #1175.  Leased by CC&H from Seaview RR (RI), painted to CC&H, returned by 1985.
20 EMD GP9 22120 7/56 6/84 Ex. CC&H #1210, CR#7280, PC#7540, NH#1210.  Named "Spirit of Massachusetts."  Sold 4/89 to Railtex (North Carolina & Virginia, reassigned to: S.C. Central [Georgia & Virginia]; 11/90 Carolina Piedmont; 4/91 Georgia Southwestern; Missouri & Northern Arkansas)
21 EMD GP9 22111 7/56 6/84 Ex. CC&H#1201, CR#7271, PC#7531, NH#1201.  Named "Falmouth."  Sold 4/89 to Railtex (S.C. Central, [Georgia Southwestern]; 11/90 to Carolina Piedmont)
22 EMD GP9 20642 8/55 7/86 Ex. CC&H#1865, BN#1865, NP#239.  Acquired via Chrome Crankshaft; sold 4/89 to Railtex (S.C. Central, [Georgia Southwestern]), Wrecked/Scrapped Kimborough GA after grade crossing incident
23 EMD/SP GP9E 20141 2/55 5/88 Ex. CC&H#203, SP#3303, #3453, #5616.  SP rebuild Sacremento, CA 4/2/70, retired 12/17/86.  Acquired via Chrome Crankshaft; sold 4/89 to Railtex (N. Carolina & Virginia; reassigned 5/91 to Northeast Kansas & Missouri)
24 EMD GP9 24058 8/58 6/88 Ex. CC&H#1947, BN#1947, NP#368.  Acquired via Chrome Crankshaft, chop-nose unit.  Sold 4/89 to Railtex (Mid-Michigan)
25 EMD GP9m 24084 2/58 5/88 Ex. CC&H#1353, Chrome Crankshaft#1353, BN#1353, GN#903.  Rebuild/EMD from GN FTA #255A (ex-300C:1, 5900C), rated 1350HP, chop-nose unit.  Sold 4/89 Railtex (S.C. Central [Georgia & Alabama]; reassigned to: 11/90 Carolina Piedmont; 4/91 Georgia Southwestern; 1992 TNER)
Other Miscellaneous Equipment
1924 EMD GP9 5/88 Leased from MBTA 5/88 to 3/89, stored Hyannis, never used account mechanical problems, returned to MBTA, (along with leased coaches,) when CC&H closed.
2 Vulcan 65T 5/83 Leased from Seaview RR (5/83 to 10/83, short term lease)  Stored at Buzzards Bay and used solely to assist in runaround moves there.
3 Leased from Seaview RR, lettered for CC&H, used until arrival of 1201/1210 or replaced by leased Bay Colony units.

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