Quincy Bay Terminal Company

Quincy Bay Terminal Company (QBT) is a Class III common carrier shortline railroad, providing freight and rail services between Quincy and Braintree, Massachusetts.  Operating five days per week - with additional service provided on-demand - QBT interchanges with CONRAIL (CSXT) in Braintree, thereby providing rail service connections to the entire North American continent.

QBT operates the former Fore River Railroad, under a license agreement with the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA).  The MWRA is responsible for providing water supply and wastewater collection and treatment for Boston and forty-nine other surrounding communities.  One element of the wastewater disposal program is conversion of residual products into a commercially marketable fertilizer pellet.  The pelletizing plant is located at the Fore River Staging Area (formerly the Quincy Shipyard), for which QBT provides rail service.  Pellets are shipped by rail to numerous locations throughout the continental United States.

In addition, Twin Rivers Technologies - a large manufacturing complex - exists adjacent to the Staging Area and recieves manufactured products by rail.  The complex refines products utilized in the manufacture of soaps and other similar goods.

The former Quincy Shipyard - now owned by Massachusetts Heavy Industries - is currently being revitalized.  Freight rail service - supporting the construction of double-hull tankers - will be provided by QBT in the very near future.

QBT's mainline is approximately two miles long between the Fore River Staging Area in Quincy and East Braintree.  QBT operates via freight trackage rights over CONRAIL from East Braintree to South Braintree - a distance of approximately 1 1/2 miles.  Within the Fore River Staging Area, QBT provides rail trackage service to the MWRA Pelletizing Plant, Twin Rivers Technologies, and Quincy Shipyard.

QBT's locomotive roster includes:

QBT's skilled employees are members of the United Transportation Union - whose efforts to provide a safe and fulfilling work enviornment are fully supported by QBT.

Building on the region's economic heritage, Quincy Bay Terminal Company is committed to playing a vital role in strengthening the region's economy and laying the groundwork for future growth through environmentally sound, professional-quality rail transportation service.

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