The Strasburg Railroad

The Strasburg Railroad runs excursions 9 miles in Pennsylvania Dutch Country between Strasburg and Paradise. The Strasburg Railroad has several steam locomotives, but as I was visiting during February, they were all inside the enginehouses.

Please note, this page of photos is in no way connected with the Strasburg Railroad.  Click here to visit their official website.

A few cars on display at the Strasburg Railroad.

Another view of the Strasburg Railroad yard.

Another view of the equipment in the Strasburg Railroad yard.

A railbus (or trolley?) in the Strasburg Railroad yard.

Strasburg Railroad's locomotive #33.

A Strasburg Railroad coach, "Cherry Hill."

Another Strasburg Railroad coach, "Marian."

A railbus (I think :^)

The rear view of the railbus.

The tower and home signal, displaying Clear, (for display purposes only) at Strasburg.

A view of the sunset looking down the tracks in Strasburg.

Pennsylvania Railroading

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