The photos on this page are from a trip through Lancaster, Pennsylvania in February of 1999. Any comments or questions may be directed to the webmaster.

A view of the front of the Lancaster, PA station.

The view inside the station.

A door inside the station; The sticker reads "Friends of the GG1."

The view from above the tracks in the station as a Conrail freight rumbles through.

Another view of the same Conrail freight.

The end of that Conrail freight.

An Amtrak "Catenary Maintenence Vehicle."

A baggage(?) car in faded New York Central paint, with a Penn Central logo on the end. This car appears to be used for storage.

Cork interlocking tower.

The view through the catenary down the tracks at Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

A view of the station from the platform.

Pennsylvania Railroading

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