Amtrak's track geometry car, the "Corridor Clipper" made a rare appearance on the Cape Thursday, March 18, 1999.  This car takes measurements of the track geometry, including degree of curves, low joints, and rail elevation.  For areas where there is overhead cantenary, this geometry car has a dummy pantograph on top.  There is a video camera on the roof so that when this pantograph is raised, inconsistencies in the height of the cantenary will be recorded, and can later be corrected.  Apparently numerous low joints were found, enough to impose several 10 MPH slow orders along the Cape Main.  The following day Bay Colony crews were out along the tracks fixing these low joints, and other defects found, and within a few days these slow orders were lifted.  These photos were taken from Fergueson private crossing in West Barnstable.  The first two photos are of the train heading South, to Hyannis, and the third heading North, towards the canal.