The following photos are from a trip to Connellsville, Pennsylvania, in late October 1999.  Connellsville is located in Southwest PA, on the CSX mainline between Pittsburg PA, and Cumberland, MD.  For ease of viewing, photos are split into three pages.  This is the second of three pages.

A Santa Fe box car, part of a train being made up in the Connellsville yard.

BNSF 4543 passes ex. Conrail 5764.

BNSF 4543 (a C-44-9W ?) and ex. Conrail (now CSX) 8654 (CSX renumbered) lead a long string of auto racks.

A long train of auto racks.

Conrail 3387 idles in the Connellsville yard. (Note it is October 1999, yet this unit is not renumbered!)

Renumbered Conrail 2805 idles in the yard.

Renumbered Conrail 5784 idles in the yard.

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