Cape Cod Central Railroad - Year Two

The year 2000 marked the rebirth of the Cape Cod Central Railroad.  At the end of the 1999 season, then owner Jon Delli Priscoli decided that he no longer wanted to be with the railroad.  CCC President John Kennedy aproached several people and finally found two people who were dedicated to making the railroad the success that it should and could be.  These two people, Dr. Tim Biliouris and Phil Doherty, both residents of the Cape, were exactly what the railroad needed to survive.  This group was successful in purchasing the railroad, and just after the first of the year, the railroad was back on track (ok, sorry for the pun).  An experienced mechanical crew was hired, new equipment was purchased, and work progressed at a fast pace.  The dinner train was the top priority.  Some of the equipment was from the old Cape Cod Railroad, including dining cars and the kitchen car.  The dining cars were completely refurbished inside and out, and the kitchen was also completely redone.  Below are some photos both before and after of the equipment, followed by some of the completed dinner train out on the road.

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120, an RS3-M (an Alco with an EMD prime mover), in the yard with the Cape Codder Lounge and Great Island dining car (ex. CCR Monomoy).

The ex. CCR Kitchen car goes into the enginehouse to be rebuilt and repainted.  Directly behind it is the Great Island, (ex. CCR Monomoy) in it's brand new paint.

Now we jump to May 14, Mother's Day, when CCCX ran a special dinner train in the afternoon.  Here we see them at the canal, with the Sagamore bridge in the background.

We see them again, this time in Yarmouth Port, just south of the Yarmouth Wye.

Here we see the Scenic train in Hyannis on May 26, after the first run of the 2000 season.

CSXT 1531, an ex. Conrail GP15-1 seen here in Hyannis in June 2000, is on loan from CSXT, while they repaired two GP7s (that CCCX bought from South Central Florida Express) involved in a derailment in Attleboro in mid May, 2000.

Shortly after CSXT sent this unit to the Cape, it was included in a package of lower horsepower locomotives traded to LLPX (Locomotive Leasing Partners) for some higher horsepower units. As CSXT no longer owned this unit, it had to be returned to LLPX. However, Cape Cod Central was in no position to give it up.  They had accepted delivery of the two Florida GP7s, but there was still extensive work to be completed before even one would be ready for the road. (more on that below)  Subsequently CSXT sent down GP38-2 2764, (an ex Conrail unit) for use in place of the 1531.  While all of this was happening between CSXT and CCCX, Bay Colony Railroad was looking to lease two locomotives from LLPX.  As the 1531 was headed to LLPX, and was already located on the Cape, once LLPX had control of the unit it went right to Bay Colony, and never left the Cape rails.  (Literally, one day it was on the CCCX scenic train, the next day it was on the BCLR trash train).

CSXT GP38-2 2764 on the Cape Cod Central scenic train, passing through West Barnstable.

CSXT GP38-2 2764 and Cape Cod Central RS3m 1201 in Hyannis.

Bay Colony GP9 1702 and Cape Cod Central (ex. South Central Florida Express) 9012 in Hyannis in September 2000.  1702 was in Hyannis for use of the inspection pit.

Cape Cod Central GP7R (ex. South Central Florida Express) 9012 in Hyannis in September 2000.

Sister Cape Cod Central GP7R (ex. South Central Florida Express) 9011 in the Hyannis Enginehouse, undergoing extensive work.  The entire nose was removed, shortened by about eight inches, (to remove considerable rust and rot caused by the first chop nose job, and to put it at the typical EMD chop nose height,) and replaced. Headlights and numberboards were moved up above the windshield.  The large one piece windshield in the center of the cab was removed and the front wall of the cab was rebuilt to include a typical two piece windshield.  The horns were moved over the cab roof, and the bell moved to under the cab, also in typical EMD fashion.  Click here for a (fair quality) photo of the 9011 and 9012 in Florida, to see some of the changes.

Cape Cod Central GP7R 1501 shows off its' new paint (less lettering) in Hyannis in early October 2000.

Cape Cod Central Railroad GP7R 1501 poses next to sister ex. SCFE 9012 in October 2000.

GP7R 1501
Cape Cod Central Railroad GP7R 1501, in Wareham, with the Dinner Train Consist on a "Great Train Escapes" chartered run from Hyannis, in October 2000.

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