The Story of Amtrak's
Cape Codder
The Cape Codder was the Amtrak train which ran from Pennsylvania Station, New York to Hyannis Massachusetts (train number 234 to Hyannis and 235 to New York).  It arrived in Hyannis at 10:45 PM on Friday nights, and returned to New York on Sunday afternoons.

The engineer on the Cape Codder was Mr. Herb Clark.  I've known Herb for over four years now.  I met him in Hyannis when he was working for Amtrak, driving the Cape Codder.  (He drove from New Haven, where the switch is made from an electric locomotive to disel-electric, to Hyannis.)

I would go to the Hyannis station on Friday nights, at 10:45 when Herb's train was due in.  I began this ritual in the Summer of 1994.  The first time I did this, I stood on the station platform and held a sign saying "Welcome back Amtrak #234."  This was how I got to meet Herb, and how I got my first  cab ride in an F40PH!  For the first trip of the 1994 season, they turned the train at the Yarmouth Wye on Friday night, after they arrived, instead of Sunday mornings.  So I actually got a pretty good cab ride that night.  (All of the following times they would simply shove back to track 6 in the Hyannis yard.)  It was this way that I met Herb, and also met all of my friends at Cape Cod Railroad.

Herb retired from Amtrak in the Summer of 1996, after working for the railroad for 55 years.  After his retirement, Herb went right to work for Cape Cod Railroad, as a fireman and engineer.  For some pictures of Amtrak's Cape Codder,click here.