Canal Junction

Canal Junction is located in Bourne, on Cape Cod, where the Cape Main track and the Falmouth branch meet.  Canal Jct. is at the Eastern (Railroad South) side of the vertical lift railroad bridge over the Cape Cod Canal.  Canal Jct. is used primarily by the Bay Colony Railroad, who's main source of revenue is hauling most of Cape Cod's trash off to an incinerator in Rochester, Mass.  Click here for more information on Bay Colony's operations.  The "trash train" originates in Yarmouth, and heads railroad North (Compass West) to Canal Jct.  Here, they leave the loaded Yarmouth cars on the Cape Main and run the locomotive down to the Otis transfer station, and pick up the loaded Otis cars.  They then head back to Canal Jct. and couple the Otis cars to the Yarmouth cars.  Once they've done a brake test, and have an Approach signal, they can proceed across the Railroad bridge and continue to the incinerator in Rochester, MA.

Bay Colony 1702, a GP9R, leads the loaded Otis cars across Bell Bourne, just South of Canal Jct.

The loaded Otis cars are pulled onto the bridge until clear of the switch, then shoved back up the Cape Main to couple onto the Yarmouth Cars.

The loaded Otis cars are coupled onto the Yarmouth cars.

1702 shoves the entire train back to clear the track circuit and get the Approach signal to proceed over the bridge.

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