Bay Colony Railroad
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      Bay Colony is Cape Cod's freight railroad.  Their main revenue is hauling all of the Cape's trash to SEMASS, a waste-to-energy plant in Rochester, Mass.  At SEMASS, a car is shoved onto the tipper table, and the rest of the train pulls out.  A lid lifting mechanism lowers down onto the I-beam on the roof of the car, grasps it and pulls the lid off and out of the way.  Then four clamps, sticking out of the floor, close onto the car into special pockets on the carbody sides, and the table begins to rotate.  The table stops when the car is completely inverted, and the trash has emptied onto the tipper floor.  The car is returned right side up, and the lid is replaced.  The train comes in to fetch the car, and puts it on one of the yard tracks to make up the return train, back to the Cape in the next morning.
      The trash that was dumped on the floor is scooped up with huge front-end loaders, and is piled up, where it will sit for a few days until it is dry enough to burn.  From the piles, the trash is shredded, and then if necessary allowed to dry more before going to the incinerator itself.  The incinerator then burns the trash and boils water, producing steam that will turn turbines, and create electricity.  To learn more, visit the SEMASS website.

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Bay Colony CF-7 2443 in West Barnstable, taking two cars from Cape Cod Central headed for BC Rail, Canada, in January of 2000.

Bay Colony GP9R 1702 in West Barnstable, on the Yarmouth trash train, in the fog.

Bay Colony C-425 2501 leads the Yarmouth trash train in West Barnstable.
(this former BN unit remains in the BN green paint scheme)

Bay Colony GP9R 1702 at the Yarmouth (MA) Transfer Station.

Former Cape Cod Railroad GP9 1789, prior to repainting, on the trash train in West Barnstable.

Ex. CCR 1789, now mostly repainted to BCLR 1703, (allright, who forgot the orange paint? :)

Another shot of the mostly repainted BCLR 1703.

Bay Colony 1702 and 1703 on the Yarmouth trash train, in West Barnstable.

Bay Colony 1703 makes an appearance in Hyannis, after making a delivery to Cape Cod Central RR.

Another shot of the 1703 in Hyannis.

A special test run sponsered by SEMASS of a gondola with 3 trash containers, headed for NY.
(never heard any more about this)

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